Ships are where players will spend their gameplay time on the high seas of Skull & Bones

Ships are fully customisable and are available in multiple class types. At the beginning of a game, the player will decide which of the available ships to use for the duration of the current adventure. Each ship class has weapons or abilities unique to its type as well as a unique crew. The ship's abilities include a high-damage 'ultimate' that is placed on a cooldown timer once it is used.

Players can choose additional options to customise. This includes weapons, sails, figureheads, and wheels. Design unique logos to be displayed to better identify your vessel.

Ship CombatEdit

Players can raise, lower, and trim sails to adjust speed. To slow an opponent down, fire cannons through their sails to create holes for the wind to pass through. Damage the ship's hull to allow boarding, or to sink it. The weapons fire and reload at a very fast speed which can make for a fast paced combat. The ships are relatively agile and maneuvering to a broadside position can be done very quickly with practice. This is good for both boarding, or moving out of the way of an incoming assault.

Weapons include broadside cannons, chase cannons, rockets, and mortars. Players can rotate between available weapons using the controls.

The player's view during gameplay can rapidly change depending on what the player has assigned the crew to do. Players can view the guns while aiming and firing, watch over the shoulder of the NPC at the wheel, or take a look through the spyglass of the npc in the crow's nest.

Ship ClassesEdit


  • Black Horn
    • Ship features a reinforced bow for ramming opponents. The ramming attack does high damage at high speed.
  • Jaeger
    • A nimble pursuit ship with powerful front cannons that can deliver a high-speed damage burst.


  • Royal Fortune
    • Area Defender - Heavily reinforced to withstand substantial enemy damage.